Violence In Sports And What to Do About It?

violence in sports

Violence In Sports And What to Do About It

Violence in sports has always been a thing. In fact, many people are thrilled when there’s a fight between players. It’s always the video with the most views about any game and in any sport. But at what cost? Do we really want to teach our kids that “Might makes Right”? Have you heard the joke? “I went to a fight and a hockey game broke out?” Yeah, I know, not very funny but pretty accurate.

Recently, a high school football player attacked a referee (see the video) after the player was ejected for to unsportsmanlike behavior violations. The ref was treated for a concussion and the player now has an aggravated assault charge. Which probably won’t help his career prospects in any future sports. And a simple google search will give you lots more examples, not just related to football, including a 33 year-old rugby player who tackled a female referee (treated for whiplash after the game). His statement, after his apology, was he couldn’t give a reason why he did that. Lucky for rugby, he was suspended for 3 years, which essentially closes out his professional career.

How Did We Get To This Place?

There has always been a “boys will be boys” mentality in sports but now those “boys” are playing pro ball and those behaviors, which were ignored or even encouraged, are being broadcasted on live television for millions of children to watch while enjoying the weekly game with Mom and Dad. Something needs to change.

The Importance Of Sports (particularly) For Young Men

One of my favorite authors and speaker, Jordan Peterson, who is a HUGE proponent of sports and cooperative games, has a video on why “Playing Games is Mandatory”. The premise is that our social development and ability to function in society is based on how well we learn to play games.

In another video, Mr. Peterson explains that young men and women LOVE rough and tumble play when very young AND it teaches children how to engage in the world in a healthy physical way. Without that type of interaction in early development the child won’t really understand how to engage with other people in a healthy way.

Additionally, we are seeing that more and more since athletic, home economics, building trades, physical fitness, arts and music programs are being cut for “budget cuts”. As a result, our children become more isolated, withdrawn, and afraid of social interaction. The flip side of this is bullying is at an all-time high which is also an outgrowth of these cuts. But that is a topic for another day.

What’s the Solution?

The solution, generally, for any problem is education and different thinking. We need to teach our children AND demonstrate good sportsmanship and fair play. Not many people actually know how to do that. And, regardless of what your mouth is saying, your children pay closer attention to “what you don’t say” than what you might think. Here’s a link to an article where a player’s Mom attacked another player. Hey Mom, a great example for your athlete!

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