Love Of the Sport

love of the sport

Love of the Sport

What is it that you love about your sport? It is this question that often turns a player with a problem into a super star competitor. So think about this question.

When you think about when you were a kid, what was it that you remember first?

For me it was playing catch with my Dad or friends while getting ready for spring tryouts. Yes, thousands of years ago, we actually played more than one sport. In fact, we played them all. Not for fame or glory but for fun.

I can remember the smell of a freshly chalked infield or grass that was cut the day before a game. The smell of popcorn and red licorice from the concession stand behind the backstop.

What Did You Love About Your Sport?

Think about this. What is the first thing you thought about? Was it some you saw? Something you hear? Something you felt, or smelled or tasted? It’s different for everyone but just as important as the first day you decided to play.

It’s those memories that got us through a bad play or a bad game… maybe an injury. But those bad days, games and injuries were worth it… because we got to play.


Getting Back To The Love

Getting back to the love of your sport will enhance your focus and level of play far more than a session at the batting cage. Sometimes we just need to remember what we began playing for in the first place. It was fun. And sometimes, it’s all we need.


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